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How to use and care for your Konjac Sponge

What is the Konjac Sponge made out of?

A Konjac facial sponge is a natural skin care product made from the root of a konjac plant (Amorphophallus konjac or konnyaku), which is a perennial plant native to East and Southest Asia.

It's known for its starchy, edible corm (a tuber-like part of the stem that grows underground) and is used as a traditional medicine, as a food source and as a beauty product.

How to use your Pure White Konjac Sponge

The pure white Konjac Sponge is suitable for all skin types and is an everyday skincare essential.

If using for the first time, you'll need to soak your sponge in warm water for about 10-15 minutes to until it becomes fully hydrated and silky soft.

1. Remove from water and gently squeeze out any excess water.

2. Dampen your skin with warm water to open up your pores. If you like, you can squeeze a small amount of soap, moisturiser or exfoliating face wash directly onto your Konjac Sponge.

Tip: A little goes a long way! The sponge helps the cleanser etc to work harder and the product go further.

3. Taking the sphere side in the palm of your hand, gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin using small, circular motions. Take care to avoid the area around your eyes and on sensitive areas like acne spots or dry, irritated patches of skin.

4. Finally, rinse your face with cool or cold water.

5. Hang your sponge up to dry in an airy place.

How to care for your Pure White Konjac Sponge

After use, always rinse your sponge well and allow to dry in an airy place between uses. Never leave the sponge sitting in water or in the shower as this will shorten the life of your sponge.

Do not wring it out as this may damage the delicate plant fibres, but gently squeeze out thoroughly to reduce the amount of water your sponge holds.

HINT: If you're in a humid environment, you can also pop your clean sponge in the fridge to keep it fresh and cool, and will help it last even longer!

When completely dry, your Konjac sponge will shrink and harden.

To reuse, simply allow your sponge to absorb water and re-hydrate again. The sponge must only be used when hydrated. Never use your sponge in its dry form.

How to dispose of your Pure White Konjac Sponge

Your Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural vegetable product and should last 1-3 months.

Once it starts to look tired or breaks down, it's time to replace your Konjac Sponge with a new one. Your Konjac Sponge can be safely composted or used in the garden to help water your plants by holding moisture.

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