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Plastic Free July - Tips for Reducing Plastic Waste


Join millions of people reducing their plastic waste.

Plastic Free July is changing the world for good.

What started in 2011 with humble beginnings, is now a worldwide movement with a vision of seeing a world free of plastic waste.

Each year in July, Plastic Free July encourages people around the world to pause and think about how we as individuals can make an impact for the better and reduce our reliance on plastic.

Plastic is out and sustainable alternatives are in!

How you can get involved in Plastic Free July - one idea for every day in July!

  1. Choose one single-use plastic to avoid

  2. BYO shopping bags

  3. Choose reusable drink bottles - use insulated bamboo water bottles that can be filled from the tap wherever you go

  4. Ditch disposable coffee cups

  5. Skip the straw and use a reusable bamboo straw or metal straw

  6. Buy less - use what you have on hand

  7. Choose loose products over packaged eg fruit, vegetables

  8. Switch from soap bottle to soap bar

  9. Choose reusable utensils - bamboo cutlery sets are a great option

  10. Choose plastic free laundry products

  11. Shop local

  12. Reduce plastic in the bathroom

  13. BYO bag to the bakery

  14. Store food in reusable containers

  15. Choose plastic free cleaning products

  16. Avoid plastic wrap - use beeswax wraps or reusable silicone food covers

  17. Consider cloth nappies

  18. Choose loose tea over teabags

  19. Host an event - Plastic free morning tea

  20. Switch to plastic free stationery

  21. BYO takeaway containers

  22. Make personal care products

  23. Pick up litter

  24. Skip plastic bin liners

  25. Stay & enjoy - sit down and enjoy your coffee rather than takeaway

  26. Make home made snacks

  27. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  28. Choose reusable menstrual products

  29. Learn more about how you can reduce plastic

  30. Choose reusable decorations

  31. Find your tribe - join (or create) a group of people doing Plastic Free July

Be part of the plastic solution!

It only takes one small change to make a difference.

Start replacing one bad plastic habit and slowly introduce a new swap when you're ready.

Getting started is easy!

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