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Ecostore Dishwasher Tablets

$16.95 Inc GST
Ecostore's high performance all-in-one formula has built-in rinse aid, for streak-free glassware. Each tablet is wrapped in a PVA biodegradable, dissolvable wrapper that dissolves in your machine. They come in a cardboard box.

    • Made from plant and mineral-based ingredients
    • Powerful stain removal
    • Built-in rinse aid for a streak-free finish
    • Fragrance free

Enzymes are used in the Dishwash Tablets and Powder as they are very efficient cleaners and help reduce the number of chemicals needed to get similar results.

Suitable for all dishwashing machines including dish drawers.

Independently benchmarked against the market leader to ensure excellent results.

Made in Denmark. 

Ecostore make sustainable, safe and affordable home and body products. Founded in 1993 in an eco village on New Zealand’s Northland coast by Malcolm and Melanie Rands this 25 year old business is driven by being the best they can be for us and the planet. ecostore is still manufactured in New Zealand and they use Carbon Capture Packaging, sugarcane plastic bottles that help reduce your carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable.

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